LBC Express Inc. Introduces Global Ambassador Ms. Kris Aquino

Thursday, May 21, 2015

We've all got our own LBC stories. When your friends, family or just about anybody sends something to and from the Philippines, we trust one global Filipino corporation, the first one too, it's LBC. They're known for their courier service, logistics and currency remittances all over the world. This event I attended to wasn't just about all their services, it was to put a face to the brand that has been able to service millions of Filipinos and people worldwide. LBC Express Inc. has now unveiled their first ever global ambassador, the one and only queen of all media Ms. Kris Aquino. Now, there are more ways than one to see a humane face of the corporation, to be with the one person we adore the most in Philippine TV. Aside from that, Kris finds LBC to be trustworthy. She also takes the initiative to ask her merchant friends to take their services because it's served them well.

Here's a video of her reveal yesterday evening.

Aside from that LBC is introducing two things, the Shipping Cart and The Shipping Cart by LBC delivers right to your doorstep. You can get products from online retailers in the US delivered to a free US address where your purchases will be delivered before shipping to the Philippines. Now you can consolidate small items and select your method of shipping either via air or sea cargo. You can also opt to ship items to different addresses and track them all on the website. It's that easy because LBC likes to move it.

For things to be easy, you don't have to gamble with fly by night couriers who may offer you cheap but pretty dangerous ways to deliver your packages. If you can't trust it, don't. That's why LBC is here.


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