Angelu De Leon Talks About Buena Familia and TGIS Reunion

Friday, September 18, 2015

This is actually a dream for me. Being a BIG fan of TGIS in the past, I've always seen Angelu De Leon as that same Peachy we adored during the run of their show. She's Bettina in Buena Familia and a bit of a let down because her characters pretty weak. Her friends in real life and fans communicated how frustrated they were about her character that didn't get any courage to do things on her own. No backbone at all. One thing though Angelu says that makes Bettina different is that she still has hope, hope that she clings on no matter how small that is. She also tries to fix things slowly so if she's not successful in making matters better with her husband in the show (played by Bobby Andrews), she takes the small things with her kids Celine, Darling, Edwin and Faye. The important thing is, she's starting somewhere and perhaps, that would spark good things in the future.

Here's our interview with Angelu De Leon about her role in Buena Familia:

Aside from that, we got to also talk about TGIS and the reunion that happened in Arnold Clavio's show. I'm a fan of course so I tried to squeeze information haha!

Don't you just wish that they'd be complete and see where they are now? I hope it comes true somehow, some day. Anyway, we have Buena Familia to watch right after Half Sisters, so make sure you watch it in GMA's Afternoon Prime!


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