Fujifilm's Mirrorless Revolution + Camera and Lens Festival

Monday, September 14, 2015

Had the chance to drop by the Fujifilm event in New World Hotel Makati today and found some very new and interesting cameras. It's also their Camera and Lens Festival so it'll be an exciting month for those who love street and travel photography. I was really itching to switch, drooling over the X-T1 honestyly but I have yet to find a huge reason to do so. Aside from that it will come with a very hefty price so I might need to sell Trish (my D60 Nikon cam don't tell her!) but I wanted to see more reasons if it's worth it. 

The Camera and Lens Festival for Street and Travel is going on and the 30-50% discount for lenses is until the end of this month so you better head out to Fujifilm stores and authorized sellers if you're interested. Aside from that, the cameras go for Php 19,990 - 69,990 in different models X30, X100T, X-A2, X-E2, X-T10, but am still in love with that XT-1 as I said earlier. That's less Php 2,500 - Php 12,000 the original price, does that convice you to switch? I know, I'm already depressed knowing that LOL! It's going on until November 30 so you'll have tons of time to decide. 

My mentor Fashion Photographer Niko Villegas and other famous guys in the industry use these caneras and they've proven how the mirrorless cameras fare with the heavy and bulky DSLR. I'm glad I have the smallest one in the Nikon line but just imagine the other guys who carry around full framed cams at sky high prices these days. Sometimes, it's just not practical anymore. Another reason to switch. You get that? The mirrorless camera revolution is here, you might have the reasons to switch now and probably waiting for the right time, this might be it. It's the best innovation to have sharper images, right colors, not that much reason to edit and imagine the work you don't have to do if it's worthy straight from the cam. I spend hours doing that. 

The print and image quality is stunning. Sometimes I wonder why I've been holding on to bulky cameras when I could have just made my life easier with a mirrorless camera. It's got X Trans CMOS sensor with a random pixel arrangement, solving color aberration, moire and have accurate color reproduction in high resolution format. Better quality than dslr's and full frame cameras, without the bulky size. 

Here's some snippets during the event:

Congratulations Fujifilm! You'll definitely convert a lot of consumers after this showing!


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