Two Toned Hair Colors by Jerusalem N. Dio Salon by Bing Dio

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I had a wonderful time getting my hair colored yellow a few weeks back - and after almost a month, it kinda grew already. I was covering a few events that month so I didn't have time go drop by Jerusalem N. Dio Salon in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. Tita Bing Dio must have seen that infamous line on my hair and seen the black line already showing growth of my hair so she asked me to go back and have that fixed. I know, you must think I'm silly going out like that but time wasn't really working in my favor. So when my schedules got freed on a Monday, I went to the salon on a whim and sit my self in a chair thinking of what to do with my hair. Good thing my friend and lovely hairstylist Cher was there to take care of me and suggested we take it up a notch. Since I probably have already tried all the colors in their arsenal possible, she said why don't we try using two colors. This bright idea made me realize that it would be awesome to have something different again. I said yes and we proceeded bleaching my hair so we could take off the yellow color I had originally.

As I always say in my previous posts, bleaching is not an easy process. You must trust the one taking care of your hair and I'm glad that people in Jerusalem N. Dio Salon are like family. Cher Nogara and Tita Bing Dio always took good care of me and they know color. They've done the hair and makeup of countless local and international celebrities so who am I not to be in their char LOL! Then, I had to wait for the bleach to take effect, then after a few minutes of retouching, we rinsed it off on the salon's sink which they've also done quite safely. Remember, after a bleaching procedure you should never ever scratch your hair when rinsing. Then we proceeded with color!

I have a color in mind because I wanted to pay homage to UE and choose Red but Cher suggested we do a two toned mix and have Ash Blonde on top which I haven't really done so we headed on and did that!

After color, she then got me a short hair cut so the edges of my hair would look clean, of course I loved it!

Cher Nogara has been awarded several accolades when she joined different local and international contests, I trust her and Tita Bing Dio for my hair, my color and always go to 58 Pentagrand Building in Mother Ignacia Street (right in front of St. Mary's College of Quezon City) in QC for it. They're on the second floor so just take the elevator or stairs to get your hair color right.

I only trust the best in the industry, and with this color, I'll be hanging out with friends, taking it to UAAP games in it's awesome Two Toned Glory! Thank you so much Cher Nogara and Tita Bing Dio of  Jerusalem N. Dio Salon for loving me, taking care of me and my hair - just like family! Hurry and call or text 0906 267 3099 for appointments today!


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