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Thursday, September 03, 2015

We visited SPLICE last week to try out their dishes courtesy of our friends from Food Panda. Splice has been operating since early this year and has impressed some of the foodies this side of town. SPLICE is located in Greenfield District's new strip called The Portal right along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. 

At the helm is Chef Ivory Yat (third place in the first season of Pinoy Master Chef), she co-owns this place with Oliver Chan, Malou Galian, Harvard Uy de Baron and Japs de Jesus. The menu, is quite unique, filled with off tangent comfort food you could expect from a more adventurous establishment without the hefty price. They could have charged higher, but I don't think they made the restaurant that way, definitely not.

Splice Nacho Grande - It's like Cheese with Nachos, they don't hold back drizzling it with warm cheese sauce and add more cheese to an already cheezy version of bar nachos. Pretty good, has some bits of beef in the mix so it would be really perfect with 2 or more bottles of beer which they serve in Splice too.

Sriracha Butter Wings - It's  not your usual buffalo wings because they use Thai/Viet/Asian hot sauce called Sriracha to spice up your butter smothered wings. Not too salty, so you can feel the spices shine in this dish. It was pretty good.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup - This one felt okay, but I think the only fancy thing here is probably the spice on top (which I think is paprika and or nutmeg) plus a few lines of sourcream and snips of parsley. Hearty and would be perfect for the rainy days.

French Onion Soup - Must have this while it's hot. Don't take photos, just take it all in.

Splice Salad - I love the combination of sweet, salty, tangy and the freshness of the greens. I must admit it felt like I was having a Waldorf Salad without the walnuts and apples. I like it.

Slut's Spaghetti - Pardon the name but I think it's where they got the Puttanesca name to begin with. It's got really good meatballs, tomatoes, capers and olives in a tad salty anchovy oil. It wasn't to hot at all, plus I like how they kinda fried the meatballs because I don't like the ones they usually simmer in tomato sauce. This one is just right.

Danggit and Chicken Skin Pasta - My first impression was, this isn't date food. It will have the intense smell of danggit as the name implies and the fishy salty profile will complement the crunchy bits of chicken skin spread throughout the plate. It's not too overpowering but it's danggit so freshen up immediately before you talk to your loved one. Or mints.

All seemed to be patterned to the well loved family "The Simpsons" they concocted these Doughnut burgers.The first one is Homer's D'ohnut burger which had a play with spicy, creamy and tons bacon. The one on the top right is the Bartholomew Burger. It's got that glazed donut, coleslaw, cheese and jalapeno. It's not as spicy as you may think, it's just right but the flavor tells me you'll love that small kick when you bite into it. The Liza Burger has a salted caramel donut bread, honey dijon mustard and barbecue sauce. The representation is promising but I might think presentation can perhaps be improved somewhere, even if the bread is pretty delicate to work with. Still, the burger is divine.

Splice Beef Belly Barbecue - It's like skewered ribs, you can feel the root beer aftertaste. It was sweet and nice.

These are pretty good entree's which I think you could consider as mains. The first one is Buko Pandan Rice with the 8 hour Pork Belly Confit. Crunchy pork plus fragrant rice, it was a formula bound to be successful. I never tried anything like this so it piqued my interest. Hearing it being prepared 8 hours was a task, what more even doing it. A little chili and Vinaigrette was nice with it. The others like Chicken Saltimbocca, Brown Sugar Belly and Beef Stroganoff (which I also love) can be served for two people. I think they'll play around with these dishes more in the coming months. 

The sweet endings always, always has to happen, so they came out with these Red and White Pannacotta Crunch made with Vanilla Pannacotta, Strawberry Jam and Donut crunch, plus the Mango Pannacotta Crunch where they use almost the same ingredient but with Mango coolie and same donut crunch. Then we had the Meringue con Quezo that's got a cheesecake filling, graham crackers and fresh strawberries. They actually made a dessert with different textures, had it in different forms, but it works. It was a perfect way to end our meal and perhaps, a reason to come back for more.

Well, not really. If you don't have that much time, you can have all these meals right at the comforts of your own home. Splice delivers exclusively through Food Panda. If you are within the radius, you can use the FoodPanda app or visit www.foodpanda.ph and order online. Check out their social media channels below so you get updated with their new partner merchants as well. It's location based so wherever you are, you've got your neighborhood's best restaurants listed on this app. If they're not listed, you can always suggest your favorite restaurant and they'll think of a way to have them there too. It was a fun afternoon with other foodies, thank you Splice! Thank you also FoodPanda for having us!


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