Max Collins Celebrates Birthday with Kids in Makati

Friday, September 11, 2015

We celebrated the birthday of Max Collins last month at the YWCA Compound in Makati. She's been blessed with several shows on GMA including Innamorata, Illustrado, Kailan Ba Tama ang Mali and now add to that the new Sef Cadayona starrer Juan Tamad. This center houses a baptist community church and the Pastor with his wife are good friends of Max. You can say some of the communities are pretty depressed here so holding a small party with the kids would really make them happy, a thing that Max says is very close to her heart. This is also organized in part by Pink Women on Fire, an organization that helps underprivileged children.

After saying a prayer or two, they started playing several games and served food for the kids from West Rembo. Some of them live in shanties and places in Pasig River so you can tell this is much like a needed boost for them. They also learn a thing or two because it's like Sunday school in the center so they learn a lot about God and good manners through mediums like story telling and activities. 

Thanks to Max Collins' sponsors Black Water, MET, Zagu, Aquabest and her BENCH Family for all the toys and goodies they gave the kids. She also thanks GMA Artist Center for organizing a simple but meaningful charity event for her. Even if she's a little sick, she told us how happy she is to have been able to at least spend a few hours with the kids. As long as they're happy, she's happy. 

Make sure you watch her show Juan Tamad as she plays the role of Marie Guiguinto, who is Juan Tamad's love interest in the program. She's also with veteran actors Roi Vinzon, Marissa Sanchez, Gene Padilla, Melanie Marquez and RJ Padilla. Their guests include Jaclyn Jose, Rocco Nacino, Carlos Agassi, Caloy Alde, Alden Richards and a lot more so watch out for that. This is a production of GMA News and Public Affairs. 

Happy birthday Max!


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