Kylie Padilla and Martin Del Rosario for Buena Familia

Friday, September 18, 2015

They do look good together, but that's about to be changed. Kylie Padilla and Martin Del Rosario play the roles of Celine Buena and Harry Atendido, members of families who despise each other. You can say this might be a play with Shakespear writing but then again, they've got their own troubles inside their families to worry about. Add to that, the people around them that are all unpredictable while in the story. This is a thing that could make people learn more things about the value of family, and this drama - is like an ensemble of great actors and actresses might just do wonders like its prolific story. Will Celine learn about what pains she'll have while bearing the name of a Buena?

Here's our short interview with them during our set visit:

Check out some stills we've taken during the interview:

I think these guys will be the next generation of stars set to impress audiences in the Philippines and the rest of the world. These shows would probably be dubbed into a different language and shown in different countries, that's why they also end fast sometimes because they have to package it much like paced dramas and telenovelas from Korea or Mexico. Kylie is so gorgeous in person, she's done countless movies and successful dramas already and she laments that she was initially afraid it wouldn't work with Martin because she thought she was taller than him. It worked out good and it's a good thing she doesn't hold back talking to Martin about how they would do certain scenes and there weren't any instance they had awkward moments because of that. Martin on the other hand was excited and lauds the people they work with in the series more so because he's working with some of them for the first time. He says he's more excited than nervous, they were just an easy bunch to work with and they got off very nice which is extremely important in a shoot like this where they need to spend hours together. They're also a pairing so somehow, they need to look and feel in love. Kylie was glad they got to know each other real well making this project and hope the story becomes interesting as the days come. I can't wait to see what happens once Harry and Celine gets over the family feud and seek love after all the exciting revelations.

Don't miss Buena Familia right after Half Sisters on GMA's Afternoon Prime!


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