Visting the Stars of GMA's Buena Familia: Julian Trono

Friday, September 18, 2015

We've visited the set of Buena Familia and consequently it's also the birthday of young PPop and KPop trained actor Julian Trono. He's one of the most humble and approachable guys I've ever ment in the GMA stable and I must say, he's one heck of a talented guy. He's put in the KPOP thing on the side to do this project for GMA and he was excited to do this. He said he had to do it because training for that means he had to do it everyday, and it's no joke. Although now that he's got a bit of free time he'll probably be back on training since he's been freed on some days of the week. He'll use that specifically for the work needed to sharpen his repertoire. Here's our interview of the good looking guy, he talks about his character Edwin in the show:

(please watch on HD, I spent 2 days uploading the videos!)


I mentioned earlier that it's his birthday, so we asked why is he at work? Here's what he said about celebrating his birthday and what he wants on his special day.

Buena Familia will show on GMA's Afternoon Prime right after Half Sisters.

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