Colored Right "The Hombre" Way by Jerusalem N Dio Salon

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I haven't been able to fix my hair for a couple of months and I always get crazy when I get bored from it being black. It went black for a reason though because I had to be Professor Snape for one day during Ruth Dela Cruz's birthday. So I did the next big thing with my friends over at Jerusalem N Dio Salon at 58 Pentagrand Building in Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. It's a stones throw away from St. Mary's College of Quezon City so you wouldn't miss  it. They've treated me like family and just like the countless celebrities/clientele they've had over the years, I feel they only want YOU to be happy with your hair. Now that's a really great deal for me and I've been yearning for a color change. Tita Bing told us about  "The Hombre" which is a coloring style that makes you look like you've got root growths already even if they're coloring it for the first time. This has been done in Europe and in the US, which is pretty current in Philippine standards so I was so excited!

I love my hair, and the only way to treat it right is by looking good all the time. They're a neighborhood salon with the right amount of courage to experiment with their patrons, and I like that part. It's also near my place and it's accessible even by public transport. Best of all, you get treated like family. I don't know how to actually put that in words but if you go there, you'll experience it. That's how Tita Bing Dio has actually been able to do this for years. You should experience that yourself and get that hair fixed. They did my hair, really good in fact that I'm wearing it like this almost everyday in events. Oh, and it's organic! 

Thank you so much Tita Bing Dio and your whole staff! From super black hair to this? It's AMAZING! I love what I look like now and it's all because of you!


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