Scents of Style: Downy Parfum x Folded and Hung

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It was an exciting Valentines day for me because this is the first time I'm actually covering the Folded and Hung runway show. This is part of their efforts on the collaboration that they're doing with Downy Parfum and they call it "Scents of Style".

The inspiration comes from Downy's scent variants which they call Timeless, Passion, Fusion, Mystique and Romance. Different scents appeal to different sets of people, what might smell "okay" for you might mean the whole world to another individual. This individuality, being feisty, the classic scents just made me a little excited on how it would actually translate into clothing. I've had the privilege of actually covering countless fashion shows, different brands of the same caliber, but never have I encountered scents donned style on the runway. This is something interesting as I also got to see the people from Folded and Hung, one of the Philippines' reputable brands when it comes to fashionable retail clothing. It might surprise you but this is actually the first time I shopped in their store too. I usually don't go here as I don't have sizes (yes I admit I'm a very BIG boy), but this year felt different, one that would actually took me to have a second look at the well loved brand.

Janeena Chan hosted the show
I took the liberty of shooting the entire show and present them in photos. This happened on Valentines day, together with Earth (, Ruth ( and Rodel (, we took our dates for later and saw the show in Glorietta's Activity Center. Thank god for really good seats!

Got excited to see some of the pieces backstage and of course, one of my favorite models Miguel Lasala.

First up was TIMELESS, classic as they can get, this collection was mostly nude. They said this color tone was mostly thinning because it is the color of the skin. It's even better than black as Jennie Epperson discussed before the start of the show. Apologies for the color as some of it was difficult to shoot with the pink LED lighting.

These are separate pieces, but what surprised me most is the price point. When we got to the store and took a look at these pieces, some of them don't even cost over a thousand bucks. They used flowy fabrics, soft ones mostly, but they also have structured pieces that can hold up on its own. Pants, skirs, shorts, top it off with one of these and you would still look like a million bucks!

When a lady wants to be a little tougher, they usually wear red. This is PASSION, and it builds confidence when word either in the office, or out on a date. It's easy to mix and match with current wardrobe, blacks or plaids. I loved that they also combined the soft flowy tops with rougher textile for the bottoms, the plaid dresses were just sick.

Folded and Hung did pretty good interpreting this one, however, there were more up their sleeves with the other scents that you'll surely love. Let's just say it was a hit with the ladies.
Men don't need to shy out of the laundry area when there's a scent that they too can wear quite easy. This is FUSION, one with the woodsy, citrusy undertones and can be good for men or women. It's good that we get to be represented here well too. I like the jackets and long sleeved shirts.

I love the light jackets layered with cotton, paired with good jeans and casual shoes. Folded and Hung actually gets current style, comfort, and looks achieved easily. I got three new shirts to prove it.
Downy MYSTIQUE as the name suggests talks about mysticism, secrecy, keeping something to yourself and confidently bringing it out when the time comes. It makes a person more attractive, something to vie for, so if you want that to happen, try to wear some of these pieces.

This one in particular caught my eye, I mean if ladies wore this, wouldn't they be gorgeous?

We always love a little black dress but now it comes in various lengths. Still looks good, still looks very slimming and even make you look taller because of the different cuts. This a well thought out line.
I think this is my favorite, this is ROMANCE. They chose the colors that are near peachy, near pink and in different shades. This just exudes romantic, and since they did use flowy fabric, it looked like angels were coming down from heaven.

Then when we thought the show had already ended, they come and surprised us with the appearance of beauty queen MJ Lastimosa!

Her register in the camera was just amazing. It was like looking at everything you wanted in a face. Like a magazine cover walking down the ramp. She was gorgeous.

Congratulations to the executives, men and women who made this collaboration a huge success! Thank you also to Folded and Hung for having us in their show, I hope I get to cover more of it soon! Thank you also to Ronald Pineda who personally helped us choosing stuff from their store, it was my first time there and I must say, it wouldn't be the last.

For those who missed the show, I hope you got a glimpse of the runway since I've shot them all. Till the next one okay?! Congratulations on the collaboration Downy Parfum and Folded and Hung. For those who would want to shop with this collection, you'll get 20% off on these #FHDownyParfum line for a limited time. Check out for more details. Aside from that, you'll get FREE Downy on these stores too. See you next time!


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