Jollibee Asks: What's Your Story?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I'm just like you, just like anybody who grew up in the Philippines who spent a couple hours of their lifetime to be in a well loved hamburger chain that started in this country. I always had several treats, birthday parties and sorties held in the Diamond Cubao branch when I was a kid, let alone just about any of their other branches in the metro where I had to cover events, attend my godsons and goddaughters birthday parties, or be with family because I love Chickenjoy and my Dad loves Palabok above anything else on their menu.

You see, just about anybody has their own #KwentongJollibee, and this year Jollibee is thinking of you. They wanted their commercials hit it right home, to be close to where your heart is, and touch you, your lives when you least expect it. Take a moment to sit down and prepare your tissue/napkins because this might change you. This is in celebration of their 38th year in existence.

Make sure you watch all the videos:

Here are highlights from the Premier Night

How about you? What's your #KwentongJollibee?


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