SMART Asks You: Team Batman or Superman?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I kinda answered this question quickly because even in my Twitter and Instagram bio, I've always called myself Batman no matter how crazy that sounds. I know some of you would choose the man of steel, but in my books he's as real as what real men should be. He's not an alien, he does charity, he's also romantic, but emotional as he seems, he's a tough cookie. Superman has super human strength, can fly, can dodge a bullet and is superfast he's been blowing the speed of light ever since he got born in Smallville. He's also more human than most people, and has saved countless lives just like Batman. This year, the most awaited film from Warner Brothers has partnered with the country's biggest network, Smart, and they're asking you to choose sides! 

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice is showing on theaters very soon. With this, Smart is bringing out their best offers like this super sized video experience with Big Bytes 50. Committed to bring you the best connections, all Smart subscribers can now get BIGBYTES50 so you can get up to 350 MB surfing which you can use all day! Plus access to the best social media apps and games, 600 MB more for videos and music for Youtube, Vimeo, Skype, Qik, Dailymotion, Spinnr and my favorite iFlix! Just register for it today by sending BIG50 to 9999 or dialing *121# and see the latest promos. They're also putting it into a vote, and as of latest tally I think Team Batman is winning! You can check the #SMARTHEROES results here!

Here are some snippets on video:

If you subscribe today to Big Bytes Promos 50, 99, 299 or 799, you can get raffle entries if you choose Team Batman or Team Superman and send it to 238. If you win as Team Batman, you get the chance to go to Japan with a super package that will let you experience what it's like to live like the caped crusader! If you choose Team Superman, you can get the chance to see Hong Kong and sky jump at Macau Tower! That's an extra special adventure you're going to have to get if you're subscribed to Smart!

Oh if you haven't been to Smart Jump Stores yet, try the one in SM Megamall and see the actual Gotham and Metropolis as they dedictaed the store to the film. Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice will be shown on March 25, 2016 and I'm just as excited as you are! Can't wait for it! Follow @LiveSmart today on Twitter and Instagram for more updates about the film and Smart's promos!


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