New Shared Living Concepts: SPACE in Edsa

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do you live in the north or way way south? Do you hate traveling distances when all you want to do is go to Makati or nearby offices? Well here's the thing, there's SPACE in Edsa. It's a dormitory type of living right in between Shaw and Pioneer MRT stations. All you need to do is pay Php 4,200, plus one month advanced so you can enjoy living in this hood and enjoy the amenities too. Mind you the place has a working gym inside plus a mess hall where you can entertain guests and commune with other people in the same place. 

You have modern keycard access, a room mate matching program so you don't disturb other inhabitants when they have different schedules, and common dining space. The Php 4,200 per month actually is inclusive of Electric and Water Bills so it's like super affordable condo living which you can renew every month. If you're like me who's sick and tired of lining up, fitting in like a sardine inside the MRT everyday, then this might be the perfect place for you. SPACE Edsa is located at 167 Edsa, it's on top of the Major Homes Building in Mandaluyong City. You can also access it via Sierra Madre street in Mandaluyong so you wouldn't miss it. You can call them now at 09188432388 or 09772194070. This is a nice place to live in when you're a student or working nearby. It's also something new, a concept in shared living.

Clean rooms, in 8 or 4 divisions, plus ample amount of shower and comfort rooms, it's all made to be efficient for professionals, students or those who work in the BPO industry.

 It's tough and expensive to be stuck in traffic, so live near your office and just go home on weekends. That's a good thing. They are also a legit community, and to note, they haven't been able to experience any security issues, which is  a good thing. You might not be able to cook here but the location is sprawling with restaurants, affordable food choices that could fit any budget. This is also designed for millenials, if you're around the supervisorial/professional ranks in the office, this would be something you definitely want to consider rather than commuting and lose time with traffic. They also plan to put up more locations soon, so just imagine how this would be convenient even for students in the University belt. Aside from that, they're going to have an app based reservation system which you'll see very soon. Open 24/7, visit Space Edsa or their website


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