The Coolest Gadgets for Summer 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spent the evening with the good people from Digits Trading. They're one of the largest gadgets and accessories distributors in the country. I couldn't even fit in my hands what brands they have but it includes Marshall, Braven and some new ones like Vest (that does anti radiation accessories) and Fuse Chicken (which have Apple accessories). We're here to find out some of the coolest gear for Summer 2016.

This is the vest Anti Radiation Headset. If you're looking for best deals on electronic gadgets, this is a good place to start. The thrust this year is to get your gadgets to become more healthy and safe. It makes sense since we're using them for a long time. The wired headset is made sturdy, and the concept is to lessen the radiation while you're listening to your favorite songs on your smart phones. If you're streaming music or video, this would actually help and lessen radiation worries for you and your family. I'd definitely consider this as one of the coolest things you can have this summer. Now the only thing left is a trip to a beach or that lovely destination you've been thinking of all year.

There's also a wireless version of it, this is the vest anti radiation Bluetooth headset. If you're not a fan of wires then this would be a great alternative. It's a little pricey, almost twice the price. Hopefully we can get more affordable gadgets by getting the best shopping coupons at

Aside from the Earphones, vest also has Anti Radiation smart phone cases for iPhone 6S and 6S+. It protects your phone from bumps and drops. It also gets you about 89% less radiation exposure without compromising signals with an additional PCB for your antenna. 

The vest Radiation Shield can prevent those that are coming from your laptop's battery and WIFI antenna. It also would be a good thing for heat reduction, confidently making you work without worries of exposure up to 92%.

Fuse Chicken boasts of the IPHONE phone dock, car dock, Apple Watch dock and Titan. They're made with the toughest cable on Earth and I think they have every right to claim that since it's made of industrial grade cable that is made of high strength steel. It is both flexible and might probably be the last charging cable you'll ever need in your lifetime. It works best for your phone that uses lightning cables. You'll never see it peel off or get chewed by your pets. I wanted to have this long cable actually because I have already bought about 4 original ones and they all got ruined after daily use. This for me is a solution, and hopefully we get to experience it soon.

Then we saw the BRAVEN BRV-PRO speaker and accessories.

This one is the Stacking Plate, which you can use to stack multiple BRAVEN speakers so they can sync with your Bluetooth connection and play music on a whole different level. I actually have an older model and just like it, the BRAVEN plays super crisp audio without distorting it too much with too much bass. You'll love it!

To make your speaker fancy, this one is their Glow Deck. If you're out in the woods, you won't have to use your precious batteries because it glows with LED's while you're playing music in the background.

This is the Action Mount. You can now go on adventures, ride your bikes, drop through mountains and still have that music play while you're doing everything.

For environmental freaks, if you run out of batteries, don't worry because you've got the BRAVEN Solar Panel. Just go and tuck it out on a sunny day and it'll charge your device automatically.

If you run out of phone batteries, don't worry because you've got this Battery Pack to help you through your camping activities. Just hook it up and use it like a power bank in those emergency situations. You've got the best gadgets within your reach, now go get them before your next beach destination. You'll love it like I do!
That's our roundup of the coolest gadgets you can have this summer. Make sure you get them while it's hot literally, and figuratively. Everything is available in Digital Walker or Beyond the Box Stores nationwide!


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