Gretchen Ho Joins "Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo" (BMPM) Efforts

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gretchen Ho made headlines when she started off as a Lady Eagle in UAAP a few years back. She's also made waves as a host, VJ and the better half of lover boy Robi Domingo, but during this small gathering at ELJ Building, she's putting the fame, influence and popularity to good use as she joins the "Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo" family. The organization is part of ABSCBN's vast network that delves on citizen journalism, voter education and responsible reportage. Gretchen is already making herself useful by joining in on recent symposiums, workshops and telling the generation today how becoming a part of BMPM can actually make this election season a better one. She's been in different parts of the country already and taking much of her time to educate the youth, voters and non voters how to put to good use their voice on social media. Blogging per se like what we're doing is also part of that since we also are disseminating information to different sets of audiences and letting them know different ways how to help the country and voting public.

The forums and workshops will be done extensively before the actual election day and they'll be needing help from the likes of ordinary people like you and me. Citizen journalists in whatever way, shape or form, may actually send their reports to BMPM here and may get featured with ABSCBN's news channels, TV Patrol, Bandila and others. Ms. Jing Castañeda was also there to give her views, whilst still covering Mar and Leni in the Presidential elections. It'll be a great venue to tell what things are happening in your side of the world. With a "learned" disposition, you can make this a place to tell a larger audience what needs to be done so that politicians won't be abusing any of your rights, the rights of the community and the general public. The symposiums and workshops are important so that students, citizens can go ahead and ask questions so a definitive answer can be given and make your efforts a good one to educate others. We can also harness social media, handle the information here online or offline and use it to decide for the greater good of the country. ABSCBN also made apps for the COMELEC so it could help the government and you.

Here are snippets of our talk yesterday afternoon.

I also asked about the challenges that they're having while doing BMPM as they somehow mentioned some parts of the country are quite difficult to go to, they have confirmed security is a concern and is of utmost importance. They usually go to these destinations prepared so even if they may have some "not so much fans" of the network, they do what they have to do in order to achieve their goal of educating the Filipino voter no matter where they are. I felt that was a little assuring, hopefully people would be more receptive, participate and make a clear, sound judgment when the day to choose our leaders would come. Thank you to the people from BMPM for having us! It was a pleasure to hear from you and what you plan to do with Gretchen now that she's part of the organization.

Gretchen by the way also introduced her new blog called Woman In Action which you can find in She'll be posting demographics, and her causes to help with women empowerment. She feels it's her duty to use her influence and voice and act on women's issues, something we felt was a thing she's very passionate about. You may visit her blog soon for stories about that.


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