The MacPower x Pioneer Insurance Event

Saturday, February 20, 2016

We're no stranger to Pioneer and how they have developed affordable insurance services in the country. They have several branches in Metro Manila but quite a few know that they're actually easy to see online too. They've launched a couple of months ago the Pioneer Insure Shop at and I was lucky enough to experience getting covered there for an out of town adventure, much more apt for those who are into outdoor sports or extreme sports as they call it. Now it's easy to get everything with a few clicks if you need Travel and Health insurance. 

Here's some snippets from the event:

Oh and if you're going to Europe soon, you might want to get their Travel Light package which costs very low than industry standards, and even go the mile helping you with Weather Reports, Health Precautions, Immunizations, Required Visas, Interpreter Referral, Lost Baggage, Lost Passport Assistance, Embassy and Consular Information. That's already an arm and a leg of service but they're practically giving it for a low amount, you should call if you need that soon. If I only knew they had it I would have taken it for my folk's Ireland trip. Anyway, I'd probably call 7505433 next time or email them if I decide to push through with my trip (perhaps later this year).

There were a ton of us there during the event. We had fun talking to Pioneer executives and their team, plus the people from MacPower. MacPower Marketing Corporation is an IT and Accessories distributor in the Philippines that carries tons of brands in their arsenal. Whether it's audio, video, or just about anything that you can stick in your phone, they have it on their silos. You may get them in Switch stores, selected 7-11 outlets metro wide. Aside from that, I took interest with the ones they brought in the event. Take a look at these!

The Lumee case, the ultimate selfie tool used by Kim Kardashian and their whole family! This just looks so good no matter what the condition your lighting is. Costs around 3K for the iPhone 6 case and about a few hundred more for the iPhone 6 Plus.
This Wetsuit Impact case makes your phone almost indestructible, like a 30lb weight won't break it, and even makes your phone hella waterproof. Or maybe that's another case lol.
The Belkin Family Rockstar leaves you with tons of space for your other gadgets to charge in. The 4 port usb charger just rocks in my books. I didn't get one during the contest and I was a little sad LOL.
The good news is, MacPower is selling some of their gadgets together with the Pioneer Insurance coverages so when you buy something from them, you get to go out on adventures while you're covered for FREE. Now that's good news by any standard. To know more about Macpower, please check them out at Hopefully soon we could get some of their devices reviewed here too as they're very eager to lend us some of their wares. Now I'm extra excited! 

Thank you Pioneer and Macpower Marketing Corporation for having us in your gathering! It was a pleasure meeting you all!

Photo Credits: Epik Pios of Macpower. Thanks for the shots!


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