50 Shades Freed and Kojie San

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Had a wonderful evening of machismo, becoming unruly, and the things associated with it. I just watched the last installment of the 50 Shades series entitled Fifty Shades Freed The Final Chapter through the goodness of Kojie-San, the same company who manufactured kojic based soaps, whitening products out in the market. 

You’ll still be seeing Anastacia Steele, played by Dakotah Johnson and Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan and follow their story after they’ve decided to get married and continue the interesting things inside the famous dark room (and I’m not even talking about photography here).
I guess the story and characters has matured, albeit being in this franchise for quite a while Dakota finishes this with good measure because as far as her acting goes, she’s better. Jamie can and will show what he can but I think we felt a little short because I felt he was just a new actor, playing a stiff, uptight executive who can buy all the things he can. The interesting twists will involve another individual but they kept it all a mystery until the end and you wouldn’t know who’s friend or foe.
Would I recommend it? Yes! By all means, but don’t think of it as an acting piece because as much as it should have been in that place, it was more for entertainment value especially for the adults. It will be all hanging out there if you know what I mean, and it’s been classified R18, so don’t make the kids watch this.

Kojie San by the way has been on the verge of coming out with their greatest solution of clammy underarms, yes ladies and gentlemen, they're talking about that not so great looking dark armpits of yours which is a huge issue for most Filipinos. You won't be sleeveless ready if you're on a date or just going out with your friends. Imagine not being able to raise those arms in a rollercoaster because you would rather keep that secret for life, but in the most intimate times, you wouldn't want to be the running joke or legend eh? The Kojie San Lightening Soap manufacturers now have come out with Kojie San Sleeveless Ready to address that. They promise a lighter, better smelling you during those very intimate moments so you can be your inner Anastacia Steele or your own Mr. Gray. 

Try it out because even if I'm not into roll ons, this proved mighty fine. Kojic Acid can help and with this ingredient present on the new product, it should help you too. Thanks Kojie San for having us in their advanced screening!

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