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Monday, February 26, 2018

My weightloss journey isn’t much of a yoyo but more of, a roller coaster ride. The first time I’ve heard of Keto, I became just like most of you, a skeptic and my questions pretty much set me into a journey of asking MORE about my health. Being overweight while working was a chore, it wasn’t fun being bullied and made fun of because of your weight and in all fairness I have tried a ton of diet programs I could keep my hand on through google. You become more depressed, a lot cranky, and fail in the end. In a way I was forced to be in this place because doing keto did fit my lifestyle. It was more about the food I eat, the type when it’s keto friendly or not. There are reputable websites that identify them, backed by research and even more studies so reading more about it was required. I tried it for a few months and just on the second month I was getting complements left and right that I lost weight. 

I personally felt easier, lighter, lost bulging in my gut, even the dreaded double chin. I deemed I’m a big guy and felt that I have an ideal weight. I’m near that goal and I don’t think I’m depriving myself at all. It is hard especially when you are just starting and trying to reach the state of ketosis. It took me a while but when I felt that I got there, that’s where I think the results came. I lost a size off of my waistline, even a size off my shirt. I don’t have washboard abs and I don’t work out, but I’m completely fine now. I’m quite happy with my sugar and blood levels, and at this state completely at ease while I’m still adapting to the things I eat. It’s totally different from the normal things Filipinos eat, and the biggest sacrifice for some are spelled R I C E, one that I’ve completely taken out of my meals. I think I’m on the right track.

Aside from that, I’ve grown the affinity to like certain vegetables, no root crops, fat and protein. I have also learned to cook legibly, use my skills in the kitchen and do make ahead meals. If I can’t do much of that, I eat what’s available and just choose the things that are keto friendly. That includes the oil that YOU and I use, good thing Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil has a higher smoke point so you get less chances of it emit free radicals which cause cancer. I’m glad a lot of people are studying about it. Including chemists, doctors, regular joes like you and me. Some of which have really good results as it’s keto friendly.

Minola and Ketogenic PH hosted a forum and we got to talk to some experts in their field. Those who have practiced it too.

Mr. Mertz N. Bernardo the VP for Sales & Marketing for SPMC Minola says "When I arrived here I felt that we were witnessing our youth. The coconut farmers now have companions that believe in the benefits of coconut oil and help us promote this and other coconut products. Thank you to Keto Diet Philippines and for connecting with us while their 6K strong membership enjoy the Keto diet and Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil for sharing your success stories so more people get to know about it. Thank you for spending time with us, it's a good day for Keto practitioners, to your families, for the movement that make coconut farmers succeed with their products. Thank you for patronizing our premium coconut oil."

Dr. Fabian Dayrit, an Atenean Professor and VP for National Academy of Science and Technology and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Health, Asia and Pacific Coconut Community says "You have to always check your sources, you also have to take note of your dates when you're researching about the Ketogenic diet. It was once used for the treatment of epilepsy, also similar to the Atkins diet which is a commercial diet plan with phases which focused on low carb and doesn't distinguish the type of fat, that's the main difference. Ketone Bodies are result of fats (MCT's) that go through the liver and produce this. There are levels of ketosis, nutritional ketosis, therapeutic ketosis and Ketoacidosis (not a good state that happens with diabetics). Inducing ketosis can be done by FASTING, EXCERCISE, ATKINS DIET, KETONE ESTER, and INGESTION OF MCT's or COCONUT OIL or a combination of these.

In the end of their talk, I knew I still had to learn lot about how to make these all part of my lifestyle. I have seen success stories and I’ll tell you about it very soon. One of which includes Mae Paner aka Juana Change, one who completely turned her life around from being morbidly obese. As for me, I’m going to continue my Keto lifestyle. I suggest you talk to you doctor about it and ask for opinions from experts too. I don’t see this as a fad, but more of hope for those who may fit the glove. I just also joined Ketogenic Diet Philippines group on Facebook (just search for the same) so I can have a whole community to support me. It’s the little things, but it’s important we do. Stay tuned for part 2!

I am glad that we are at least talking about it. That in itself is already a difference!


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