Maja Salvador and Tor Saksit Release FALLING INTO YOU

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Had a splendid afternoon with Maja Salvador and the Thai composer Tor Saksit. They just released Maja’s single called FALLING INTO YOU that’s now out on digital stores nationwide.

Tor says “We tried to make something different in Karma studios and this was one of the products. We did it in two days, but we had one more day for the music video. To study the song, it wasn’t that long because I wrote this song. We know it was going to be a good material and it’s amazing to do this here. I listen to pop songs, classical and jazz. I think right now I’m into basic pop, some that has beautiful melody so the Asian market would love it. I have released 11 albums in Thailan and have chinese singles too. I go to Taiwan and China to promote my singles. I compose melody and arrange songs, I could do that here. She’s a natural singer and she has experience in acting so that helps a lot bringing emotions out. If I’m offered a movie and my label thinks it’s a good thing I’ll consider it. Thank you BEC TERO Music and Ivory Music and Video for supporting us, Falling Into You will be available in all digital stores worldwide.”
Maja on the other hand told us how this happened and says “Teacher Annie went with me in Bangkok because I don’t have time to do voice lessons. She gave us her time so we can do this. This song was adjusted for me and lowered the key so it would be smooth. I am greatful to work with his team in Thailan because there were a lot of artists they could have chosen from but they picked me. For me, maybe I just accepted my own voice, tone, real one and in everything you do you just accept what you can do and that’s what happened. This is under IVORY and BEC TERO Music. We have a mall show in Biñan and Robinsons Mall in Bulacan. We have a guesting in Showtime on Monday and tape a few shows too. Please help me and Tor tell people we have a single out, thank you!”
If you love Maja, you’ll love this new music because it doesn’t actually sound like her to tell you honestly. It’s more sultry, which she says is because she’s loving her own voice now, and how she should love her range. She hopes her fans would appreciate it.
This is under Ivory Music and Video in cooperation with BEC TERO Music of Thailand.

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