Karylle holds DATE NIGHT Concert at Manila House

Monday, February 05, 2018

Karylle holds Date Night at Manila House

Had the chance to interview the gorgoeus Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon earlier at a restaurant earlier in Quezon City. She was blooming, you can see it in her eyes and she was so excited about what’s about to happen in Manila House, the exclusive members only club in BGC. They’re allowing people in for this valentine’s day concert that they’ve entitled DATE NIGHT and this very intimate place would be a nice place to start your evening.

Karylle says “Everyone has a perfect date and this is mine, the most beautiful place in Manila, lots of art, and every corner is instagrammable. For those finding something the perfect place to hang out and chill, this is it. I invited my band the Passport Holders, gifted singer Charles Kevin Tan, my good friend Kris Lawrence, and special cocktails overlooking BGC. It’s in front of the old fort, at the Net Park building. It’s a secret place with exclusive membership but they’re opening it for the public on Valentines day. It’s a very light gig, like a cafe. I would like to also invite you to the Ishin-Denshin International Music Festival concert for Marawi, I’ll be with international artists, local stars to help rebuild the city. We always do concerts during these months but it’s going to be more intimate. I like to setup little parties, this will be new for them and I want to leave a lasting impression to everyone who’s gonna watch and I’d like to do that.

She adds “I would like to do a song from the musical Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko so expect me to actually have something from that show. I cannot say no to musicals so if someone wants to produce it just please let me know. There are years that I do big shows but I’d like to sing for couples, I find when I sing close to someone very nice, I’m super old school. Ed Sheeran is my romantic muse when we got married, Yael always watches shows and live music gets me into the mood. It feels good to be alive if you’re in that groove. We did a concert in Shangri-la last Christmas, we are recording right now and sometimes I let Yael listen to it before I do it, even my Mom. Date Night for me is a Sunday, like a lazy afternoon, I look at my Booky App and we go to more than one restaurant and a lot of walking outdoors. Some of my favorite spots are Poblacion, the Fort, in art installations, it would be nice to take strolls.”

She was also asked about the status of Vice Ganda’s health and she mentions “Vice reminds me to always think about my health seriously, he works hard and I always have a good idea of her schedule and I hope she gets to also rest.

About the concert, Karylle adds “You’ll hear standards, romantic songs, and I hope they like it. Froilan is such an amazing singer, one that you should listen much too. I’ll be also working with other international artists, ones that I have already worked with before and you’ll see that soon.

Although they won’t be celebrating Valentines day together as both Karylle and Yael will be at work on these dates, she shares “Yael is super romantic, he sings for me to entertain me. He inspires me to write, and that is a good thing.Yael and I will probably spend holy week somewhere in the US or Korea, we’ll flip a coin. That’s where we usually do big vacations to meet friends and family.

DATE NIGHT again will happen at Manila House, at the Net Park Building in BGC. The entrance is right in front of KPUB Barbecue and beside Green Pastures. You’ll see the park benches in front of it at 4th Avenue. This is produced by ALV Events International in cooperation with Manila House. For tickets, you may call ALV at 6377016 or Manila House via 09178163685. It’s inclusive of dinner and cocktails, so enjoy the night if you’re there!

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