VIVO Announces Chinese New Year Photo Contest Winner

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rhea and Kat in action during the CNY Photowalk

 I've enjoyed this photowalk that Vivo arranged a couple weeks ago. It was part of their Chinese New Year celebrations and what better way to do that but by doing a photo contest in the Year of the Eart Dog. There were about 18 of us walking the streets of Binondo and nearby establishments, armed with their newest phone model VIVO V7+ with it's 24MP front cam, it would be easy capturing the sights and sounds of Binondo.

I remember taking advantage of the camera’s HDR mode for all my shots. I also got to shoot with it and got stunning images as long as the phone's display. Selfies were so easy with it's portrait bokeh mode, making creamy blurred background a cinch for any regular joe. The Vivo V7+ also has got the professional mode which is like the manual mode of DSLR cameras. Adjustments for any particular setting you do in DSLR cameras, you can do it here. Vivo’s Chinese New Year Photo Contest also meant Vivo phone users got the chance to make entries out of their Chinese New Year themed photos and upload them in their Instagram accounts. They stood to win a brand-new Vivo V7+ in the process, and you know who won? It's this lady here, Angela Palacio.

Angela Palacio

Her entry with chinese lanterns illuminated on the streets, won her the new phone!

Aside from winning the brand new phone, she got her entry posted and be showcased at the Chinese New Year Photo display at Lucky Chinatown together with the bloggers and celebrities who enjoyed the activities as well.

I would like to take this bit to thank VIVO for having us and the rest of the bloggers. I love how some of my followers tagged me because they saw the photos in Lucky Chinatown later on. They posted my shot of the church, that was awesome!

If you have questions about the phone, please visit their official website or their channels on Facebook (, Instagram ( and Twitter ( Congratulations Angela! Enjoy the phone!


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