VIVO Security Innovations

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It's been always a priority for smartphone brands to innovate and I think Vivo won't be hanging around and let others lead the way. Yes currently, there are security features and use biometric measures to do it. If you haven't been to CES, it's where brands and companies showcase the best of the best of their work and just recently in CES 2018, Vivo introduced some really good measures in Las Vegas Nevada. I've used similar technologies in the past and did fingerprint scan locks only on the home button or the back of the phone, but this time, Vivo just came out with the first under display fingerprint scanner. Isn't that amazing? Now you can unlock your phone with the pattern on your fingers when you touch the display screen of your phone, unprecedented with any brand so far.

Aside from that, they are using the 24MP camera for their advantage and employ it for facial recognition functions. It uses 100 different facial identification points which means it would only identify you if you've got accurate parts of your face identified. It doesn't need to be complicated because the security this one does works for you. This identifies the depth of your face so you get a precise and effective security access all the time.

But that won't end there because they will still put the fingerprint scanner at the back so you can still use your index finger. This only means Vivo cares more about its users and it's always looking for ways to improve the security of your data by using the best thing to identify a user, your face, your body parts, and I like that part most. Check out and their social media accounts if you have questions about the new phones they have inside the store. The Vivo V7+ is the latest, it's pretty handy and lightweight, and will do the right amount of security you need to open it. Easy, take a look at it soon!


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