McJim: Local but World Class

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I’ve been watching McJim Leather lately and they’ve gone quite great lengths churning out new designs that would be perfect for the classy Filipino man. Just a few months ago they did an international shoot in Montreal Canada showcasing some of the best pieces they have in their collection from black and brown leather wallets, casual to classy leather belts with proud buckles, shoulder bags, cross body bags, gadget bags, full on leather ones that would impress anyone that would see it. They’ve honestly been paving the way in changing the way people see how local products quality should look like. By making sure they have control over what comes out of their factories, and have it not just follow but set a trend of making these local products superior, making them world class, a direction they have undertaken regardless of how much it would cost because now we’ve got some of the best, and Filipinos are enjoying it.

These items now have the ability to mature elegantly and last a long time. That means that even if there’s a small premium in price compared to local ones in the market, you get your moneys worth because it will end up lasting a bit more as they prioritize quality. I’ve personally bought the wallets and belts which they sell in leading department stores because of that. It has lasted me for years and if it weren’t for a change in season (and a lot more membership cards) I wouldn’t have felt the need to change one because style wise, classics would never go passe.

They are going further, they had the opportunity to create great things and they have achieved it. I wish there was a way all other brands would follow suit so when you hear something LOCAL it wouldn’t mean we’re compromising quality. McJim is world class, and they’re not afraid of showing it. Might as well, if you pass by a kiosk in deparment stores, take a real good look at it and see how they’ve changed over the years.

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