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Monday, February 05, 2018

Had fun with blogger friends at the recent launch of Goya’s travel promo! Read on how to join!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Goya chocolate. I think the last time was me trying the GOYA Double Hazelnut Spread which for me gave the competitor a run for it’s money. Actually, I can say it’s actually better than Nutella. I might have been watching my sugar intake but during my cheat days I really indulge in chocolate and Goya delivers in that department.

Now if you’ve been binging on chocolates from elsewhere around the world and not trying local flavors, you’re probably going to regret it because as of date, I think Goya has been improving their recipes over the years. I know a lot of people who wouldn’t even think of touching local chocolates, but I would gladly recommend you to close your eyes and compare it, it might really surprise you if you just try it. 

I think the quality of chocolates churning out from their factories completely changed than when I last had it. Whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate or a drink, I was really dumbfounded why it actually tasted better even if it was a local brand. I think we’re just a little too colonial to say the least, and I bet if people would take a second look they’ll be glad these products actually came from the Philippines.

Goya had us attend a thanksgiving presscon in Marco Polo Ortigas a couple weeks ago and to start of the festivities, they got us to sample just about every Goya product possible. It was a LOT, but I had my eyes on a few who instantly became my favorites. I love the Goya Dark Chocolate, the lovely Goya Milk Chocolate with Almonds, the Goya White Chocolate, the Goya Pretzel Twists and the Goya Malt Crunch Maltitos... oh and I almost forgot the Goya Take It 4 Fingers which I love frozen or freshly taken out of the fridge. I was being skeptic before I had them, but I was convinced, some of these items if not all were actually better than the competing brands. They’ve actually put in the work to now be called World Class!

When the program resumed that evening, I saw my favorite jocks ever sans Delamar, it was Gino Quillamor and Chico Garcia of famed radio show The Morning Rush. I love Chichi and Gigi, you have no idea how much I just play it cool whenever I meet them when I’m already screaming expletives in my mind because I get starstrucked while they talk to me sometimes. Imagine the people I listen to banter and make funny antics on social media is just right in front of me, aggghh. If that wasn’t enough, they were the best people to introduce the world class endorser of world class chocolate brand Goya... our very own Queen Pia Wurtzbach.

The queen told us she just arrived from the UK and imagine how people there were surprised that she had about 2 suitcases full of Goya Chocolates to actually share with family and friends while she was in London. Our Queen knows how to actually promote, imagine the faces of people who miss Goya back home, she just gave them a piece of it, they all loved it too!

Since Chico and Gino was also very happy about how they got to talk to the 2015 Miss Universe, Chico started the conversations with lines that only beauty queens would dare answer. They didn’t also hold back asking Pia Wurtzbach for tips on how to walk, stand like a beauty queen and she gladly obliged.

I also saw one of the finest actors in the industry EA Guzman. I was so touched he still knew me for interviewing him in the past, plus he’s a good brother to my model friend Michelle. Ahh how time flies, he looks so good in person!

Oh and for those who would love to have a taste of WORLD CLASS, Goya wants to take you places. It’s been going on for a few weeks now and you’ve got a few more to actually join. You can win an all expense paid trip FOR TWO to PARIS, another round trip FOR TWO to SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK or LONDON, you just need to follow a few things to join:

Make sure you like the Goya Chocolates Facebook Page first found at https://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics/

Proceed to your Facebook Profile and tap on your Profile Picture then choose to Add FrameChoose the part where it says Frames From Pages You Like section and select the frame from Goya Chocolates then choose USE. Please remember that you have to use this as a profile photo for a whole week to make your entry valid. Then take a screenshot of your World-Class Profile and send it via PRIVATE MESSAGE to the official Goya Chocolates Page together with your Name, Address and your Mobile Number.

This profile picture qualifies as your raffle entry. The Goya Chocolates Page will be releasing 6 frames in this 6 week period so you have to make sure to change the frame of your profile every week so you get more chances of winning. So that meabs if you get one (1) Frame with minimum one week use, you only get one (1) Raffle Entry.

Frames have been already released for January 18, 25 and February 1. You've got the chance to get the ones to be released on February 8, 15 and 22, 2018. The raffle draw will happen on March 2018. Your information will kept confidential so don't be worried where that will go.

Trust me on the Double Hazelnut Spread, it’s super good and I’m still having it for breakfast, snacks and dessert! Oh and if you would want to go places, Goya can take you there so join now!

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