You’re going to #LoveSM this Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

They have a lot to offer and that is an understatement. A few weeks ago SM released a Valentines themed video to usher in the love month. It was made by Jason Magbanua, the best wedding videographer in my books, one that is internationally renowned. Aside from that, they’ve got a few events up their sleeve that they are going to make your experience in SM as a second home. You don’t have to go out, you can cook at home, make the things that matter be in the forefront of your Valentines day celebrations.

SM’s Senior VP for Marketing Jon Jon San Agustin says “According to the survey, the Filipinos are the 4th most romantic people in the world. Personally I celebrated my silver wedding anniversary. I was thinking how to do it differrently but ended up doing the usual stuff just reminiscing and celebrated our years, we’ve always dedicated cheesy songs and my wife loves it. I made a video and the whole world saw it, you can take the same things but do it in a different way. So for three decades, SM has been doing it year round. We are launching our valentines day in 67 malls arounnd the country to make more memories. Our romance filled activities on Date Deals, our Red Bazaar, the Love Beats, Valentines parties, and customer stories where top entries will get certificates. We invite everyone to come to the malls and make more lasting moments.

SM’s VP for Advertising Grace Magno says “We are coming up with our videos for Valentine’s day and it is directed by no other than THE Jason Magbanua. Heartbroken or not, this is about the different feelings of LOVE... because at SM Malls, Love is here.

Famed videographer Jason Magbanua says “I’m known for wedding videos, I eat sleep and breathe with it but when they approached me it was different, I do web branded content. I jumped at the opportunity. I always do one takes and captures in weddings but this one we can prepare until we get the perfect take. We had good talents, so it was equally easy. It was relateable, in a sense much like my videos. Even though you don’t know my brides and grooms, you suddenly feel it like you were part of the story and cry. It’s that same feeling we wanted to be in this story. I always ask people when they get wed on Feb 14 because prices of flowers skyrocket at this date. They do it and prepare ahead, this video shows the little things.

Have you seen the video? Head on to their facebook page and social media channels to see it.

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