A Celebrity Secret Solution for Oily Skin

Monday, February 26, 2018

It’s a great day today. Been busy covering events left and right and honestly I didn’t know how celebrities do it. I’m a man, I don’t wear make up, I don’t put a lot of things in my face because I want to maintain it clean and simple. My schedule is packed, I go from morning events til evening movie premiers. I have one problem though, which is more or less faced by people who go through the same crazy schedules that I have. It’s oily skin, especially in the T Zone, that’s on my forehead and nose area.

What I usually do is to ALWAYS go to the Men’s Room and wash my face, dab it lightly with a paper towel then wipe it with a handkerchief. It’s a little troublesome because it takes away minutes from my coverages and also, it’s not just everywhere too that we have clean toilets and I abhor also those who have no water at all (yes it happens). Bloggers like me also need to be presentable, people take photos, you also meet executives, artists, people in front or behind the camera.

Don’t you wonder how celebrities do it? How do they maintain looking so fresh and oil free the whole day? It’s been a problem too for Ms. Beverly Salviejo, as you may know, the renowned actress has been having skin issues and even swear how it has been impossible for her to maintain her makeup on the whole day. She had to retouch, remove her makeup sometimes because it just wouldn’t look good on screen... and because of her ultra oily skin.

She’s finally found the solution and shared her experience. It’s one of the things that some celebrities are using but are keeping it a secret. It’s called Magiteque Liquipowder by Beverly Glow.

Here’s Ms. Beverly Salviejo to tell you all about it on video and shared how she solved it with the help of her doctor. This is also locally made with the quality processes they follow.

During our interview, she also didn’t hesitate to let us try Magiteque Liquipowder by Beverly Glow ourselves. She stood up and applied the product on me. Now mind you I was a bit oily on my T Zone and I didn’t know if it would work on me.

Well in fact, it felt like a layer of baby powder was applied on me. It was light, not sticky, and I could see the difference. That shinyness on my my forehead was gone in seconds, my face became brighter and I didn’t feel heavy. It was just as if I cleaned up and I haven’t even been to the men’s room this time. For women, this works as a base before you out on your make up and sets it so that you won’t have oily skin later on and have that cakey look on it. Artists who shoot the whole day use it and just retouch later on without the need to re-do it. It’s a mineralized mattifier and make up setter in a nutshell, but I didn’t have to wear makeup and just use it on it’s own, I look good, I didn’t become oily for hours and didn’t felt sticky the whole day while covering events.

It solved her problems, it solved mine (I used it for 4 days straight) and I didn’t even need to wash my face too often because it wasn’t as oily anymore. Would you like to experience that? You may order via Facebook.com/liquipowder or just search BeverlyGlow on FB or order via 09189428298 wherever you are in the Philippines. Don’t take my word for it, you should try it and see how it has helped celebrities and ordinary people like me.

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