GMA Outs First Advocaserye “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Love is happiness, love is dreamy, but what if you suddenly found out that you have HIV? Will that be the end of your relationship? Will that mean the end of your existence? What would be more painful than having it? What if you didn’t know how you got it? That’s exactly what this show will try to answer. This is “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka!”

To inspire, to make you understand what an HIV positive person would go through while living with the virus. I think this is but a noble thing to do now that the statistics shows how huge HIV incidents happen in the Philippines. This is what they call an “advocaserye” (a series about an advocacy) and it’s starred by Yasmien Kurdi, Mike Tan, Martin Del Rosario.

Milo Alto Paz the show’s Executive Producer says “It’s not your usual drama, the incidents are high and people should be aware to actually make this successful and we hope you create a lot of noise so people would know more about it.”

Martin del Rosario says “Supporting this advocacy will help a lot of people, and I hope you enjoy watching the show.”

Mike Tan adds “I hope you get something more out of the episode, we hope you can help us spread the word about the show because it’s an advocacy which GMA spearheads. It’s like a documentary and people would want to watch this, it will help them to understand it and know how to help.”

Yasmien Kurdi says “I am so nervous, but excited at the same time for you to see what we’ve done for the past few months. On February 26, please help us through social media and help us make this known through your blogs so people would be able to read about it and watch our show.”
We watched the first episode ahead of everyone this afternoon and it’s quite nice to actually see how it all started. You’ll also get to know how each individual character would get connected, as Mike Tan says fate has a lot to do with how people meet. It’s a very complicated story to tell because the topic alone means you have to explain things. You have to be patient, but be prepared also to get butterflies when Marco and Thea’s love story begins.
Ms. Gina Alajar (Marco’s Mom) and Jackie Rice (Eva is Marco’s Girlfriend) will be making the whole thing miserable. Watch out for instances where they’ll be slapping them around silly... because it will happen and the prejudice against HIV patients is real. Watch out for the show during GMA’s Afternoon Prime starting February 26.

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