You’ll Love the MVP Rewards Card

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Are you paying bills often and think it's a little troublesome? It's not giving you anything right? Well I think the payment is now going to be enjoyed even more by people like you and me if it's given importance, what do I mean? Have you ever been rewarded for just merely paying your bills? That's exactly what will do and more.

You see, this entity will hook you up BIGTIME with the best of the best companies under Smart and PLDT. Every time you pay your bills, you get points in exchange and no it won't be like your useless membership cards that only pile up points and expire, because the points that you'll be enjoying with the MVP Rewards Card is as GOOD AS CASH. You can use it in partner establishments, all the PLDT Group Companies (yes like your other bills!) and all you've got to do is link up your accounts, pay like the usual and you instantly earn points. Or if you want even MORE perks, you may pay it through the PAYMAYA app and get even MORE points in the process. Not only that, you can load it up and use the card as a regular VISA card then enjoy SHOPPING like no other. You can also show it around their partner establishments and enjoy special deals with them... not only that, because you will get to be part of electronic raffles in different times that would be exclusive only for MVP Rewards Card members. Isn't that neat? I know, well if you still haven't applied for one, head on to now and get your card now.

During the launch, we witnessed their executives excitement over the MVP Rewards Card and they told us why people should start taking advantage of it. 

Mr. Alberto of PLDT says “The PLDT group and it’s subsidiaries will be offering this to our customers, the MVP rewards is just the beginning as we reach every Filipino and add value to their lives as we aspire to be the lead technology provider to our consumers.

Ms Anette Quiron says “One customer wallet where you can connect all our accounts. You won’t have to worry because it’s automatically credited to your virtual and physical card. You can tap it in Cavitex, pay for goods and services via Paymaya, one wallet for all rewards for the convenience of our customers on our fingertips. This is what valuable customers deserve. Everyone should have the rewards card, talk about it during Sunday lunch. Tell your friends and family because you can get more if you have it.

Mon Isberto of PLDT says “Welcome to the world of the MVP Rewards Cards.

Manny Pangilinan of the PLDT Group says “It originated from the fact where we see our people pay on a cashless basis through Paymaya and make people get points so they can get rewards just like what you get from banks and do it two ways. The cashless payments, trade your points to perks or miles and create a market also for these points. Aside from the PLDT companies, there will be other partner establishments and enroll your different accounts. If you pay for your utility, you’ll get points, this is what you need on top of your wallet. Your existing rewards points will still be there but January 1st hereon, you earn rewards points for paying your bills. The rewards don’t expire, it automatically credits into your Paymaya accounts as cash so you get to pay or use it for your more rewards. It’s all in one wallet. We are launching this to enrich the customer experience to deliver more to PLDT and our wireless customers.

It's easy, it's convenient, and you get tons of perks that non members would NEVER EVER GET. So get the best out of being PLDT, Smart, TNT, SUN Postpaid and Prepaid Subscriber and get the MVP Rewards Card. Trust me, you'll love paying bills after that! Haha!

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