HELO LX and LX+ Now Available in the Philippines

Saturday, February 03, 2018

We've all been worried about our health and spend thousands of pesos because we know it's worth it. We were invited to a small luncheon where they introduced to us the latest in weareable technology that is available in the Philippines. Think of it as fitbit in steroids, one that could measure even more than a heartbeat... even your blood pressure, and yes even your feelings. Skeptic? Take a look at the HELO LX and LX+.

Joy Chua, a health warrior and distrubutor says "I'm trying to share the good news. If I can give you health and peace of mind, would that be a good thing to have? Would that be a good change? I'm a distributor of World Global Network, as Bill Gates once said "The secret to success is knowing where the world would go and getting there first. So try to be a visionary. Like you bloggers, you have the vision and know that you have to be on the internet. You know how important the presence is offline and online. We are distributors of life sensing technology, not just a smartwatch. We all look for that one thing to better our health, and our product is wellness and technology combined. The wearable technology amounts to 34 Billion dollars in 2020, and you need to give the good news to the people. Like our phones, it will change our lives, and according to Business Insider, the end of the smartphone era is coming. Tech is fast, this is HELO LX."

It's a tool to measure your vital signs, understand if you're excited, or tired, measurs your well being and for you loved ones. This is developed also with AI, it will lead you a healthy lifestyle. It also has it's open API out for everyone to tinker around and get developers involved in wearable tech. It also can be used by families with elderly, as it has got measurment for blood pressure, technologies that can be boundless as it falls on any app that the developer can make. Now they have the HELO LX and the HELO LX+, it was introduced in 2017 by Toshiba in CES. It includes germanium stones, 5 pack bands kit so you can customize and match your clothes with it. 

Aside from that, they also have BioZen to protect yourselves from electrosmog and lower your stress levels made and emitted by radiation on your cellphones. You just have to place it on your devices and will make the radiation tolerable for humans. It's a clinical grade class 1 health device. They are currently developing and waiting for a clinical device that would be probably out around next year. The future of healthcare is self care as their reps said.

This is developed by Fabio Galdo, Alessandro Senatore and Antonio De Rosa. Giants in the IT industry, a top rated company that also trades in NASDAQ, AAA+ and is available in 195 countries. So if you need them, or want to join their direct selling company, you may visit their website at website.worldgn.com/products/helo/helo-lx-start or healthwarrior.worldgn.com or 09177928858 and look for Ms. Jacquelyn Joy Chua. You can pay 19,500 for the whole set of the HELO LX, the HELP LX+ is 30,500, and the BioZen costs 2,700 per piece.

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