Drop the Prefix Event with South Star Drug

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

It’s a good day to do good deeds today at the South Star Drug event in Mandaluyong City. I have a neighborhood branch and have been buying a lot especially when I was in Cebu. The brand is launching a campaign for you to drop the prefix on the word Disability, and just leave Ability.

Ms. Christine Tuerres the GM of South Star Drug says “We want to create a full cycle, artists talents and livelihood of person with disabilities and we will share the care with the Filipino people. We prepared a video what can be possible, hoping you see the persons with abilities. Our tagline “We care a little more” strengthens our vision of inclusion, we now have 23 employees who are PWD’s and put them in the workplace. We are taught to love and be loved. Everyone should be valued. What they have done in this project have been the provider for their loved ones. This is done with Project Inclusion Network. We truly care a little more.”

Grant Javier of Project Inclusion says “We want to maximize the persons with disability since we started in 2013. We employed one person back then, but now we have 800+ in all industries made possible with our partner organizations who made this all happen. This is for the improvement of their quality of life, we can always do more. Not to only participate, but to thrive. Now they can showcase their talents, and make a living. We hope this change mindsets and industries so they can pursue their dreams. We hope they have access and showcase the talents of people with disabilities, where everyone is valued and appreciated. We need more businesses to partner with us in more ways so we can provide more opportunities. We also need to have more people to come out and show their abilities. We believe that they can, it’s about everyone making ripples of change throughout the country!”

Then they showed us their artworks, honestly, they did good.

They also had their parents, teachers and trainers with them. The South Star Employees who are part of the program also got to be in these photos. Drop the prefix advocacy bags will be available in select South Star Drug Stores nationwide starting October 15. You can now help them too by getting their products. Sewing and printing the bags are also done by an organization of PWD’s (called Goodwill Industries of the Philippines Inc. Tel No. 8373094), all proceeds will go to the workers 100%.

This is just wondeful!


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