Vice Ganda for Cherry Prepaid's Ganda Promos

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cherry Mobile is bringing in new stuff in from last week's Heart Evangelista collab, to something big and special today featuring the one and only unkabogable Vice Ganda and their mobile arm Cherry Prepaid featuring their new Ganda Data Promos.

Jacy Chua of Cherry Mobile Communications says "We are 5 Million subscribers strong and our goal to have diversified prepaid mobile data, call and text packages is now a reality. Our CMSURF packs offer affordable rates that could get them connected all year and these Ganda Promos will certainly complement it by giving them a choice of more data allocation everytime they subscribe to the service."

Jacy Chua Cherry Prepaid’s CFO says “We wanted to go a step further to give affordable data and as subscribers ourselves, we try to have it in Cherry Prepaid. We tried to analyze what our subscribers wanted and these are the new offers. We change rapidly, we always listen, and today data connectivity is at the heart of every Filipino’s lives. It is essential to connect with friends and family and now this need had us question what 20 or 50 pesos could do, we had to make it for a longer duration and people could afford. You now have time to stretch, less frequency to subscribe, you get more savings. We didn’t stop there, we allowed rollovers for unused data, this is SULIT because you now have enough time to do it with Cherry Prepaid and our millions of subscribers. We want to give more. There will be more promos to give more data, plus the best experience and coming out with GANDA15, GANDA30, GANDA60. We wanted to have a face who embodies the same qualities that Cherry Prepaid has, one who is sincere and genuine. Thank you!” 

Then they revealed Vice Ganda as their new endorser!

Vice Ganda says "I am very glad to see you tonight now that I am the ambassador of Cherry Prepaid. Everyone will be able to afford the promos and I am looking forward to providing good connection to more Filipinos."

The Ganda Promos GANDA15, GANDA30 and GANDA60 feature different data packages. GANDA15 gets you 250MB for 3 days, GANDA30 gets you 550MB for 7 days whilst GANDA60 gets you 1.3GB. All these have longer validity, bigger data allocation which means more fun consuming content in different platforms, which means everything is SULIT with Vice Ganda's Ganda Promos.

Visit Cherry Mobile's official site and social media platforms for more information about this new offer. I don't have a Cherry Prepaid sim yet so this might be a good time to have one!


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