Joyride Signature Bowls at BGC Mercato Centrale

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Had the chance to experience this a couple years ago in Luneta when they came out with a Jeepney that turned into a food truck late 2017. Nutriasia had us try awesome food out of the ordinary and this year, it's a different twist as they become a legit food stall in BGC's Mercato Centrale. 

From Wednesday to Saturday, they're going to give you real good food as they whip out dishes using Nutriasia products as base. This will be in the form of their Signature Bowls and we got our hands on it last weekend. True to their performance, it was hearty, warm and definitely worth the trip. What made it even better was the fact that they have so much healthy options on the bowls I got two without feeling really guilty. They had sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, tofu, good pork chops and steaks mixed in. They also have several sauces from the line of condiments they have (Jufran Sriracha, Mang Tomas Siga) to make it a little more spicy.

They are even so affordable and wouldn't cost you more than 200 bucks for one meal. I got my bowl with Garlic Quinoa, Roasted Vegetables and Tofu with a Tonkatsu Pork and Sriracha Mayo Sauce. To cool down, we also tried the Locally Blended Juice Drink Mango and Tamarind which was so good!

You can also have a side salad with it if you prefer a healthier version of your bowl, I enjoyed this a lot because I had friends that time and we didn't really think about repercussions to health anymore since we got really healthy ingredients in our bowls.

This is the brainchild of Nutriasia management and Chef Jonvic Mangibin who's from the MV Group which makes food options for professional athletes in the country. Mercato Centrale opens 6pm to 3am but I must suggest you go there early so you can try the steak, that runs out fast! Imagine the things you can do with Datu Puti, Golden Fiesta Oil, Jufran, Mang Tomas and Bug Crunch products. They all made it come true with the bowl options they presented, I'd take the trip to BGC if it's near you!

Get them bowls fast!


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