YEELIGHT 2 in 1 Wireless Charging Nightlight Review

Thursday, October 03, 2019

When I got my iPhoneX about a year ago, I was looking for wireless chargers - but ended up getting super frustrated about how long it took for me to get my phone to full power, I ended with a phone without batteries for only half a day (about 4 hours standby). iPhones are notorious power hungry monsters and if you don't have a Powerbank with you through coverages, you're pretty much useless in the afternoon when you get out of your house.

I understood it was still a developing technology and it wasn't perfect back then. But if I'm looking for something that would help me work the whole day, this setup just wouldn't work. A few days ago, this Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light got us wondering, would it be sufficient to make me happy with its wireless charging feature? We started opening the box of course.

The night light was pretty simple, you charge it with the cable that comes with it, read the manual too. The light actually can be taken off the flat contraption. Switch it on and off to use either warm or white light. This is awesome especially when you want to play games in your phone but don't want to wake anybody up in your room. It takes hours to also run out of charging and you can snap it to metal surfaces because it's magnetic.  On a hallway, or another room, this would be perfect so you don't stumble around when it's too dark outside.

The Wireless Charging is obviously much faster than my old Qi Wireless charger and it takes a few minutes to get my phone juiced up so I can grab and go when I wake up in the morning. One awesome thing though is that it's very safe because when I placed keys on top one drunken morning, it didn't activate the wireless charging capabilities and it detected that on its own. Some other chargers continue to trickle and that would be dangerous if you get electrocuted or if it starts a fire.

Overall, this piece of technology is worth every cent. This is available in Digital Walker and OMG Feel Good Gadgets Stores nationwide! Go get them for your wireless charging phones before stocks run out!


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