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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

When things are much bigger, better, we all enjoy it! Not that I’m doing puns, but it’s just about the same feeling with Pizza. It’s why Greenwich has been loved by pinoys over the years, to go all in on toppings, their All In Overload Pizza spells fun in any barkada or office gatherings. Which is why they’ve always been regulars during lunch, dinner and just about every occasion.

Potato thingies lol

This new chocolate smoothie was good, not too sweet, maybe they used cocoa or dark chocolate

True colors

All In Overload Pizza!

Greenwich got us party with several rap artists this evening, play several games and taste the All in Overload Pizza everyone loves. It’s filling, a slice would be enough for you but I had a few. After fun activities, they also showed us dance numbers and a preview of the new Greenwich commercial starring Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo and Enrique Gil called SAGOT KO NA (which means a person is treating everyone for a meal in Filo). It felt so fun seeing it being played on the web, on TV (very soon) and leading media outlets too. Best of all, it also tells how they enjoyed all the fun and games we had while eating tons of pizza (All in Overload Pizza of course!) which I saw them eating in Market Market a few events ago. (Not just for show, they really enjoy this stuff!).

Rap battle between Negatibo and Rhyma J happened, though I don't get it I could see they're talented talkers :)

Manila Soul, so sick! They'll be representing the country in this year's SEA GAMES. They will win gold!

Anyway, you’ve got to enjoy these pizzas because it’s got everything you love in a Pinoy pizza! Even better!


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