New Gen Lead Stars on GMA's Madrasta

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

This would be a huge challenge for these guys, but after seeing the pilot episode yesterday, I'm quite confident they would be able to do a good job in Madrasta.

It's a new show, but casts include the new generation of prime actors from GMA's stable. They have done several shows, led some of them in fact; but the burden of having a drama piece and seriousness of it takes a lot effort wise as what I have understood with Juancho Trivino said. He will be also working with Arra San Agustin and Thea Tolentino (whom I love personally and in several shows). 

This series is about romance, adultery, and will involve their families. Check out our interview with them last week.

Make sure you watch the show as recent social media reactions have been very positive. I am confident Arra, Juancho and Thea can give you more in the coming days. 

Madrasta, only on GMA!


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