My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood

Thursday, October 31, 2019

It looks like folks from the south are in for a treat as Chef Josh Boutwood and the Bistro Group just opened up My South Hall, an upscale food hub located at S Maison in Pasay City. Located at the first floor of the mall, they put up 7 restaurants that serve beverages and regional dishes (for the goal of bringing in sought after world cuisines in a fast casual dining setting). I had to sample them all in a few hours so we got a few of their best sellers (although they've been in operations for a few days) and honestly, I thought I was going to have to pay a lot for it. But no, they're quite affordable.

Chef Josh was born in Bedford, England. He moved from Europe to Boracay in 2010. Together with the Bistro Group, they curated these 7 entities to give you great choices if you're up for a meal. 

WCKD serves Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea made from black and green tea leaves.

Juicy is the number 1 fresh fruit juice brand in Korea

As the name suggests, Seoul Hotpot does Chuck Eye and Angus Beef Sirloin Hotpots

Golden Treasures has some good dimsum.

Tabemashou serves ramen, sushi and skewers

Roast'd serves Chinese style roasts. If you want chicken, duck or roast pork, this is the place you should go to

Roma celebrates anything pasta, so go here if you want something heavy and hearty

Chix has got some of the best wings, I had a dozen and a half so if that's not a measure, try it at least. It was my fave among all the things served there.

The roast chicken was reminiscent of HK roasts, a tad dry but had a crispy skin. I suggest you get the pork variety since most appreciate that.

I ordered the Truffle, it was filling and the pasta was fresh. If you're in a group I would suggest you get this in lieu of rice. Pretty heavy.

They also have three kinds of pasta, I like the Conchiglie more because it kinda gets the sauce stick so you get the flavor profile more.

For milktea lovers, they've got WCKD that serves really good black tea varieties. I ordered the Strawberries and Cream with pearls and it was not that sweet which is perfect for me who's trying to tone down in sugar.

This thing deserves a spot in a museum hence the number of photos I got here. I love the spicy miso ramen, the thick slice of pork is made of dreams, grilled to perfection. At 275, this just takes it out of the ballpark. Worth every penny.

The Hotpot was also nice, although there are not much broth choices, I guess they follow Taiwan standards where you just have it on boil. The meat is A+, graded and all. The veggies are also fresh but I suggest you cook it last so it doesn't go to soft. This would be good for groups of 3, but if you eat a lot like I do, nobody's stopping you!

I had two serving of wings, one is Chipotle and the other is Buffalo. I like spicy stuff and this was so hot for the others, I needed more heat so make sure you ask them to punch it up a notch if it's your jam.

The Conchiglie with pesto was good but I suggest you get this for sharing, it's a huge plate and was heavy. Love it for carbo loading, I think they also had anchovies so it was a bit salty. The sauce just sticks, and that's a good thing.

Juicy had really good smoothies and shakes, but I like this Banana and Peanut Butter combo. It's not too sweet, they also use premium peanut butter so you get the nutty taste locked in. Not the sugar, and if you fancy fruits, they have a lot of other things on the menu which you can try. It's not that expensive too.

Love the Buffalo Wings, wish they had sauces to go with these wonderful wings! I was dreaming of Bleu cheese LOL

The Hakaw and Siomai at Golden Treasures was prepared well. It was fresh, hot off the steamer, I wouldn't mind having seconds.

The Yakitori from Tabemashou was a hit, some like the Chicken Skin ran out even when I lined up early, I think you would love that as well.

To make it all better, go grab a Coke Zero because the moment you fill up, you need to burp and make space for more. I love how we all spent a fine afternoon in this place, now there is more reason to go to S Maison down south. This is definitely one stop you shouldn't miss!

Now make sure if you're in the Mall of Asia area to drop by My South Hall for good premium food at affordable prices. It's far from where I live but since I frequently go there for events, this will be a venue I wouldn't mind going back over and over again. Don't just read there, go troop down the new joint because this is good. This is also under the Bistro Group which has proven track record of good restaurants. 

I would love to have another bowl of ramen! Mmmmm! 


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