The OPPO RENO 2 Launch

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Got invited to this but I didn't RSVP lol. Anyway, OPPO seems to be in a roll as they launched the OPPO RENO 2 today in a grand event at Shooting Gallery in Makati.

We had drinks but they asked us to zoom in 20x just to see the menu, pretty good idea!

As for the phone, it looks and feels good. It's not heavy and from the looks of it, it takes good photos even when there was limited light in the venue. Thanks to the phone's Ultra Night Mode it was fun to see the band playing, the dancers too.

20x zoom for your convenience

I also find this very sleek and since it doesn't have a camera on the screen you can see everything

The back had several cameras but that's not the main event

Imagine my surprise when this thing popped up at a slant when I was trying it out for a selfie, it's different and unique, which I like about it.

The portrait mode is also quite nice, you could see and feel the bokeh happening.

Specs for the geeks!

I am currently using an OPPO F7 and it has been quite useful for taking photos and video coverages. It doesn't make me cartoonish like the new OPOO Reno 2 Series

They got us to enjoy music throughout the night by taking celebrations slightly darker than usual, they want us to use the phones and take photos with the band setup like this.

The event was hosted by KC Montero and some random Carla girl lol

Oh and the phone also is not shaky, it has some technology fit for video bloggers hence their tagline Anyone Can Make Their Story.

Raymond Xia their Marketing Director says "We realized how much acheivements we had in the year but we continue to forge partnerships, Lamborghini, Marvel Studios, FC Barcelona, Roland Garros Paris and ESports League of Legends. We have pushed for 60x Zoom Technology, VOOC Flash Charge, the Under Display Camera, Waterfall Screens (by next year) and our projects in 5G. We want to streamline our product lineup hence the new A Series 2020, the Find Series and these Reno Series."

Daniel Marsh, Gabbi Garcia and Mikael Daez are the new Oppo Reno Series 2 Brand Ambassadors
They also gave advise for those who want to be into content creation

They want you to elevate your creative talent, this phone has better stabilization than your old phone, even has audio zoom, and the Sharksfin pop up camera was a nice addition or way to have something conventional because they just thought out of the box. The 4000 mAh battery will last you hours of game time, optimized for your gaming experience. I want one honestly, but if it doesn't happen well, arms raised, this is just good. It also costs Php 29,990 and the Reno 2 F costs Php 19,990 which are both attractive price points for the hardware they sell. 

I didn't get to explore much about the phone's features, but that was our first impression with the ones we handled during the event. Hope we could get a review unit soon.


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