Rocco, Patricia, Bea Signs with Kapuso Foundation

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Rocco Nacino, Patricia Tumulak and Bea Binene just signed with Kapuso Foundation as their advocates. There will be several projects for education, health, that they will be committed to after doing this. To involve the youth, they want the idols to also be there to get involved.

Ms. Mel Tiangco says “I just came from my checkup, and it was just lack of water. I’ve been sick for a few days and hopefully I’ll be 100% now. This is a big day for Kapuso Foundation because for the longest time I have been praying for everyone in the network to be of service to the Filipino people. Here we have real people who help, who go and serve, we didn’t need to be just doing this in our birthdays, all our artists, our executives so they can be of service for others. Our colleagues are also here to join us, thank you for coming.”

Ms. Gigi says “The artists of GMA are very supportive about the projects of the network, for telethons, and we really appreciate that. We are so proud to have been able to easily ask them for that and we appreciate their presence, of who are also here today to pay it forward so they too would be examples to the other artists as well.”

Simoun Ferrer says “To be able to use their voice and encourage others to help as well, GMA Artist Center has committed to promote the different causes. We are thankful for them being here.”

Patricia says “I am super happy to have share my passion for education. It’s connected to what I have been doing in the past and I think this is the reason we got together. In line of our projects, we did runs in the past and helped put up bridges so they can go to school and also trade in the countryside. I used to teach kids with special needs, and this is perfect for me.”

Bea says “I am thankful to GMA Kapuso Foundation, to be part of this because I have been with them since I was 6 years old. In my time I will be doing work involved in environmental work and disaster preparedness. I am proud to say the foundation has been able to help people in far flung areas, I hope to be able to go to help, influence people, make the youth aware also. This is very important.”

Rocco Nacino added “I feel so new, but I really feel humbled and honored to be part of this. Our small contributions before has now bloomed into being part of Kapuso Foundation, to now go to different parts of the Philippines and bring my co artists to educate people, as a medical professional, we can impart laymans term explanation, to teach them what I know and use it for our projects, I will be finishing my course as a Navy Reservist to hopefully give hope to people, to children with cancer, for having me onboard, I am thankful for the opportunity. One of GMA Kapuso Foundation’s project is for free chemotherapy sessions, I have expressed to go to the quarterly medical missions. Hopefully to start helping people, the way I can.”

Here's part of the press conference which I streamed on our YouTube channel

Ms. Mel Tiangco, Ricky Escudero, executives of GMA Kapuso Foundation and Ms. Gigi Santiago Lara, Simon Ferrer, Vic Del Rosario of Artist Center are also present during the signing. They are now mounting relief efforts for the Mindanao Earthquake.

Now you’ll see them more visible in GMA Kapuso Foundation projects and they will not let off with their personal advocacies, this is just the beginning of a long journey of service to the Filipinos.


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