Kings of Reality Shows

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ariel and Maverick had a show years ago in TV5, and for most of the 90’s and 00’s kids, they enjoy this kind of humor. It’s spontaneous, unscripted, unapologetic and stupid, but always, they get away with it.

I miss Mommy Elvie➕ whom they both adore and fool around at the end of their show. It had a run, but all good things have to end, or so we thought. So, they got all their things together and packed their bags to venture in uncharted territories and did what local artists only dream of, these two went to conquer Hollywood. They filmed this journey via their movie Kings of Reality Shows, to be shown in the PH.

He says “This was 2 years in the making (but was made 10 years ago), so hard to do it because we had to buy it from GMA Films. I approached a lot of people, it’s about a struggling artist who wants to showcase it. In the end, this is dedicated to all the struggling artists in the world. I experienced it when I had to approach friends, it’s like I’m sick, and I learned a lot from it. I don’t want to have regrets, for whatever happens, I don’t want to live in a tent after this movie shows. Maverick is hurt about what happened to us, he got disheartened when our show was shelved. He became spiritual, you will see his journey in this movie. Maverick doesn’t even talk to me now, but I hope whatever happens our friendship still stays. This material, limelight, will all pass but I hope he still considers me as a friend because I do. Pacquiao has given me a lot of help. Christina is also here in the film, I approached her, we are okay, and we are friends. There are a lot of people who have helped, but I do everything. I am the producer, director, actor, editor, writer, sales and marketing, and creatives. We didn’t have working permits because we were shooting small scale, with a small cam because again, this is spontaneous. GMA is supporting us, they’ve been really good people. For me, just having this shown to the public, is my dream. This is our style, hopefully the thinking audience would appreciate it and perhaps learn from it too.”

This is produced by him (he did everything) and is showing November 27. This is so crazy you’ve got to see it!


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