Hell Come Home Premiere Night

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Star Cinema is putting its chips on a horror movie this Halloween season. This movie is called Hell Come Home and talks about different things like haunted places, possession, cults and family. We saw the cast, their celebrity friends who all came out and supported them during the premiere night.

What's good is that Dennis Trillo,  Alyssa Mulach, Raymond Bagatsing and Beauty Gonzales are doing this film. A good thing for people who want a different combination on screen. This is also R13, probably for violence and some scenes that are for mature audiences (some foul mouths and gory stuff in between). Although it is not the gory type, you're going to see and feel lots of of shocking moments, run and chass scenes in the movie. I guess that part is fulfilling. It is a nice story intertwined by relationships in the past, how they bring forth keeping their home away from the crazy, the haunted, and ghosts made of their own fantasies.

If you wanna watch something scary, this might fit the bill. It shows tomorrow in theaters nationwide!


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