Maine Mendoza Teases Vivo V17 Pro

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Fans are going crazy over Maine Mendoza and the phone that she’s teasing. The fun and cute actress was spotted in a screenie for the lates Vivo prime handset, the Vivo V17 Pro. When will this be launched? We don’t know yet but rumors are it’s going to be tomorrow. 

Make sure you wait for it in Vivo Philippines Facebook page because just like the challenges she’s posting soon, we tried it all during a dinner/trivia night event last week. 

Maygahd, Maine Mendoza got us all doing fun and games in between questions. Clad in formal gowns and over the top designer dresses, she shares her outfit choices and then goes on and eat 10 marshmallows in 17 seconds. As if that’s not enough, she made us recite the ABC’s... but not without a mouth full of milky and creamy polvoron. We struggled a lot but, in the end we got our answers correct, good enough to win a signed cap by Golden State Warriors premier player Steph Curry! It was fun, but stay tuned when it (all the videos of Maine) comes out in Vivo Philippines social media pages! 

They’re going to be lit! 


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