Big 40% Off on Anker products for Shopee's 9.9 Sale

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Seeing Anker on Shopee lately and yes I've had a few of their powerbanks, phone cables and plugs previously which saved me countless times in press events and coverages. I usually work with an iPhone so it drains a lot of power when I edit, use social media apps and do live blogs. I'm kinda known writing about events as it happens, and yeah I finish articles sometimes even way before the event ends. 

There is a sale happening this 9.9 in Shopee and so I checked out a couple of things in their official store inside the app. After all, Anker has my trust when it comes to electronic devices and accessories, so a little rummaging around their shop wouldn't hurt!

Official Anker Philippines Shop

PowerCore Metro Slim 10000

Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Their PowerCore Metro Slim is a 10,000mAh powerbank which can probably last you a whole day for multiple devices. I used to bring two powerbanks previously but with its large capacity it can simply solve those issues. I even did lend some friends my powerbank and they returned it to me still working. Best of all, this thing is very slim, pretty portable that it fits in your pocket so you can just grab it and go. It also does high speed charging, has anti slip fabric on it and trickle charging mode for those low battery moments you often have.

The Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera on the other hand has a 365 day battery capacity. It can also do 1080p Full HD video day and night plus 16GB micro SD card and talk real time. That would be great for accepting packages and mail, especially these days when we all do deliveries. For the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone, it's got a 360 degree voice pickup for conferences, auto voice enhancement if needed and can last 24 hours wirelessly because of its 6700mAh battery. I guess they've all taken the battery game a long way since I've gotten my first Anker, not surprised though.

There will be big things happening on Shopee's biggest ever 9.9 Sale. Make sure you download it off Google Play or iOS because you don't want to miss  this and save tons of money in the process. Start here.

Trick is to keep everything ready in the cart and once those vouchers come out just head on to checkout fast! That's not a secret anymore! 


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