Puregold Launches Own Entertainment Channel

Saturday, September 19, 2020

I wouldn't have believed it, til I saw it today online. This is not a drill, as everyone's well loved grocery and supermarket brand Puregold now has their own entertainment channel. 

With the pandemic making our lives all contained in the comforts of our homes, they know we need more than just a simple sale or event. Now, you're going to need a dose of entertainment as they will be producing different shows and specials as you watch from the comforts of your home. They will be doing it in their official Facebook page and their YouTube channel, wether you're outside running for errands or at home looking for fun and ways to save, Puregold is going to give you more than just that.

They are changing the game when it comes to reaching out to the public, that includes you Puregold shopper. For starters, they have this new cooking and entrepreneurship show called "Luto Mo, Negosyo Mo, Panalo!" to be hosted by Arra San Agustin. They're going to show you easy to follow recipes, teach you price points, and how you could earn a thing or two with your favorite dishes. There are lots of opportunities online and they're giving you clues how to become your own boss in no time. 

They will also feature a new comedy show called "The Ha Ha Hour" to be hosted by funny man Alex Calleja. The champ will be doing his skits, situational/comic stand up sessions to make sure you'll fall off your seats from laughing. 

Then if you feel that's not enough, internet superstar and all around host Luiz Manzano will be hosting his own game show called "Playtime Panalo". Followers, subscribers and home partners would be able to join in fun and games they've prepared for you. Luiz will surely make your week complete with his charm and the tons of prizes up for grabs. 

This will be so much fun as they will be doing these shows every week and of course, they'll show you the ropes when it comes to shopping in your favorite supermarket, only at Puregold!

Stay tuned!


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