XOXO Launches First Single

Friday, September 04, 2020

As I’m writing this, we’re currently talking to ladies from Filipina girl group called XOXO. We were there when they were launched a year ago and they had small delays releasing their new single because of the pandemic. Honestly, they are such a talented bunch of singers individually and initially, they had different styles. Today is one of those days where they proved they have been working their a$$ off working on their harmonies and dance skills which they have been training for in the past few months. 

They attribute these successes to their soldiers, to GMA Artist Center and to people who love their songs. Their closeness even grew over the months of quarantine in Manila. Their goal is to bring women empowerment, body positivity with these songs and they’re so glad it came out this way. They come from different parts of the country and they too have been suffering of work restrictions, but now it’s a good time to hear their music. They gave us a sample of their covers and songs in this video. Take a look!

Oh and they really appreciate them being called the female counterpart of SB19, they absolutely love the PPOP group too and they were too shy to talk to them a couple months back. Crushing? Haha!

Their single XOXO is coming out September 10 on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other digital stores worldwide. They’re a fun bunch, congratulations to Riel, Dani, Lyra and Mel. You’re going places!


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