Moment Group Now Cashless with PayMaya

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Food is essential even in the time of pandemic. Another chain of restaurants made it even safer for you to purchase food as they start using PayMaya in all their restaurants. For those who don't know, The Moment Group restaurants include my favorite Manam, dumpling genius Din Tai Ding, Ooma, burger place 8Cuts Burgers, Mo' Cookies, Shawa Wama, Viet food place Phat Pho, Mecha Uma and Bank Bar. I've always used contactless payments since quarantine started and for me, this is definitely good news. 

Foodies can start using the PayMaya e-wallet for QR payments, online ones in store or their website when they check out with their orders. It will all be seen in their payment terminals. There is no reason to make this a reason to spread the virus because you can do it with a certain distance, no more touchy instances at all. Aside from that, their PayMaya terminals also accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB and others. PayMaya is also accepted in different establishments across the country, just look for the PayMaya sign on businesses where it is accepted and you can conveniently pay with it installed on your phone. You can also pay for bills, government dues, get free cashbacks each time you spend. 

If you want to implement the same in your businesses, check out the ONE by PayMaya device over at and their other PayMaya enterprise solutions. 

It's easy, free to download and you can even get cashbacks after, why wouldn't you want that to happen right?


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