Those Old Spice Videos are Epic!

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

It's what I always use and I never have changed brands because it's good. No joke.

But recently, Old Spice has been doing a show of force online and on TV as they created several epic and funny commercials just to show they are #TheSmellThatNeverDies. I've always seen manly Old Spice commercials in the US and this time, they're flexing the Filipino version which I think is of creative genius levels in execution. It's different, differently weird, and that is exactly why I like it. It's like a punch in the face delivering how you can almost taste immortality, without worrying that your antiperspirant and deodorant could fail you when you need it most. They feel Filipino men deserve this much fun, and I agree with that.

They also have an all Filipino cast doing it, like ultimate action hero and model Victor Silayan, also the powerful belter Frenchie Dy singing it like there was no tomorrow. I was like omg how silly this is, but yeah, helluva lot effective. Sharks, Ninjas,. 2 huge Anacondas and a whole meteor couldn't stop him, just because he used the Old Spice Body Spray. Go check out the videos here!

Now there's no more reason to be down during these days, Old Spice knows humor, and they know what you need to smell good. 


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