Tea Time with the Bolzicos

Monday, September 14, 2020

Nice afternoon, good time to talk to Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff over hot tea as they discuss being healthy and protecting the family. They are first time parents, but it was nice to see they are human, they have fears too just like you and me.

They also talked to the President of AIA Kelvin Ang as he shared his experience about difficulties having no insurance. He also took time to share what happened when his dad passed and he had to grow up a wee bit early as the eldest in the family. He took this experience and made it into passion to help others to have needed protection.

Then came Slater Young and Kryz Uy (all the way from Cebu) who shared their experience raising their daughter. Nico Bolzico shared how they should not accept suitors this early and Solenn told them about protection and how to plan ahead. AIA PhilAm Life head of products Tennyson Paras says “Before, they used to talk about insurance for old people, but no matter how prepared we are we can’t expect those emergencies even if they are young. A few years back, I got a call from my wife telling me my baby was rushed to the hospital as she was having convulsions because of high fever. Broke my heart, I wished it was me there because she was so young. When she was stable, they still had to observe her, I also in the back of my mind knew how expensive it was. I knew my company had good medical plans, but how about other people who don’t have that? How can they prepare? Both the Bolzicos and Youngs didn’t have that plan either. We would prioritize school, future, but not now, not emergencies. It is a gap as not all companies have medical or life plans for children. We recently launched AIA Med Assist which is now available for age 0 to 17.  Our goal is to make sure parents would have peace of mind when this happens. Filipino families know the expense of having this especially in the Philippines. We need to make sure they are protected in accidents, sickness, because these kids move around now. They bump their head, play, not intentional but they all may get into trouble every now and then. It is but a nice time to get plans for your children now, so in the event they do have accidents, sickness and disease. Hospitalization can be covered by the insurance, about 90% of expenses and that is a big help.”

Young fam stated “Having children is fun, tons of things to consider which cannot be read on a book. Things can happen, medical expenses are expensive and you can’t put your kids at risk. We take turns taking care of the baby, I do mornings while Slater does the evening. Getting an insurance plan will surely help to not worry as much, just be a good parent. It’s good to be protected.”

We need to make sure we are prepared and not get caught in situations beyond our control. It would hit our budget, instead of putting just with primary needs we would need to shell out huge amounts for that. More Filipinos want their families safe, maybe ask an AIA PhilAm Life agent to know how you could do that.


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