Orange Mango Fun with Kim Chiu and Berocca

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Summer is still happening, those weird torrential rains is not a sign of the season changing. Just this morning, I got the time of my life answering trivia questions online with no other than the chinita princess herself, Kim Chiu.

She told us about her experience in drinking the new variety of Berocca in Orange Mango flavor. It's still got the same Multivitamins and Minerals but amped up in taste as it likens these tropical fruit we love! I love drinking this when I feel a little under the weather but didn't know it has so many benefits like improve mental sharpness, have physical energy, it also improves alertness and concentration. I was struggling a bit with lack of sleep during these times but I felt it did reduce my tiredness and fatigue, I do plan to have this now in times I feel like I need it. Weird some may say but it kinda puts me in a happy mood too just like Kimmy.

Actually, right after our Trivia sessions, Kim went to another event and participated in a sing and dance activity, she didn't stop there! That is how energetic she is and I've figured if that happened to her, it would be the same for me. Kim also works out daily and aside from having a balanced diet, she takes one tablet dissolved on a glass of water daily. Berocca has B group vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. You won't get tired easily and get nutrients from it as well.

If you're up to it, it's available in all leading pharmacies nationwide. If you get certain reactions, consult a medical professional before taking it.

I'm all good now with my glass of Berocca, you should try it out too.


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