Your Clothes Safe and Clean with Beko Hygiene+ Washing Machines

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Things are still not normal and aside from the usual health standards people are setting, we all have to work and put up resource for our own families. In our own home, we have interesting guidelines we set including sanitation where everything has a place. We also disinfect almost everything at home and those that come from outside, we freak out when we don't and catch who did it.

European appliance powerhouse Beko under its subsidiary Beko Pilipinas Corporation introduced their latest washing machines. Unlike the normal spinning ones we probably have at home, their new models have extra modes for safety. They call it Beko Hygiene+. These new washing machines blend sensitive temperature control with additional rinse and spin cycles to make sure any microorganism is removed when you do your laundry. This works by setting your water temperature at a range of 20 °C to 90 °C. The 60 °C cycle is approved by Allergy UK to eliminate 99.9% of allergens, so there would be no chance to get sick from doing your laundry.

Aside from that, these washing machines employ AquaWave technology. It massages clothing gently using several paddles in the drum. It makes use of your detergents antibacterial properties to properly sip-through the fabric. It also washes away stubborn dirt and stains.  It also uses the powerful ProSmart Inveter Motor to make sure you get the power you need to do the laundry but save tons of money in consumption. 

Maybe you need a Beko?


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