FreeStyle Libre is on Sale at Lazada

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I've never had so much confidence knowing that I know my blood sugar level every minute instead of going to the clinic pricking and waiting for the med tech to tell me how high it was. Now I manage it really well and I have adjusted what I eat because that seems to be the culprit when my blood sugar goes haywire. I used this special reader and scanner system by Abbott called FreeStyle Libre. I don't prick anymore and it does wonders when data is available right there. Now since it is Lazada 9.9 Big Brands Sale, the usual 3,500 worth device is now Php 2,940 which is 16% cheaper than usual. The sensor on the other hand costs 3,500 also on a normal day has become Php 3,150 which is 10% off, that's just amazing!

The whole kit which has both now costs Php 6,020, that's 14% worth of savings compared to its original price, now diabetics have the chance to experience the convenience I have had. This sale however is only from 12--2am. You can get 12% off the reader, 6% on the sensor and 10% on the kit from 2am onwards. Still a good day to get one.

I'm just glad I told you about this now.

Hurry over to the Lazada App because the sale only lasts a day!


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